From West Midlands Police:

TWO MEN have been arrested after a disturbance inside the front office of a Birmingham Police station this morning.

Emergency services were alerted to the arrival of two men, causing a disturbance in the main reception area of Bournville police station, at around 4.35am today.

No injuries were reported and no weapons were seen.

The police station was closed to the public as the men, who were in possession of a petrol canister, refused to leave and made demands.

Adjacent roads were also closed as a precaution whilst police responded to the incident.

Shortly before 9am both men, aged in their 40s, left the station and were duly arrested outside the main entrance on suspicion of criminal damage with intent to endanger life. They have been taken into police custody.

Chief Inspector Ian Marsh, Force Incident Manager, said: “This was a serious incident which posed a risk not only to the two men but emergency services trying to deal with the incident and those living or working in the area.

“Thankfully the matter was resolved peacefully and these two men are helping us with our enquiries.”

Bournville Lane police station will remain closed to the public this morning whilst the main reception area is examined as part of enquiries.

Although the reception is temporarily closed the delivery of local policing is unaffected with members of the public still able to call police on 101 or 999 in an emergency. The custody area is unaffected and remains operational.

All roads reopened shortly after 9am.


  1. ‘Two arrests as men WITH PETROL CANNISTERS’ make demands at Bournville Lane police station—————-gives totally the wrong impression…..?!

  2. No asylem seekers doing a crime to get time inside to save being deported??
    Went part there at 8-15,road tapped of being guarded by POLICE OFFICERS they could have been better used,this should be done by PCSO`s,they only have to tell people they cannt cross the tape

  3. ….”Adjacent roads were also closed as a precaution whilst police responded to the incident”…..
    Its a wonder they did not close the M5 and M6.
    Over reaction, as usual.

  4. So it took from 4.35am until after 9am to arrest two people who were already in the police station…oh, and they shut the roads around…unbelievable.
    I notice the police and council are having a web chat…so we can ask them questions about how they tackle it…well, stop messing around and get a blinkin grip.


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