Northfield Ecocentre needs 155 more people to pledge £25 (or more!) to get their innovative – and beautifully simple – ‘Urban Harvest’ crowd-funded project up and running!

The countdown’s on as they must get pledges for the full £10,000 needed by this Wednesday (18th September), otherwise the project gets nothing!

Each year there are tons of unpicked fruit left to rot on local fruit trees in gardens, hedgerows, parks and Northfield town centre. ‘Urban Harvest’ volunteers would pick this fruit and put it to good use – including giving to food banks, children’s centres, volunteers and selling locally – in order to reduce waste, reduce carbon, improve healthy eating and build community. Whether the fruit is juiced, pickled, cooked or preserved, it will definitely be eaten and enjoyed.

Northfield Ecocentre would use the funding to employ a Project Co-ordinator to find the places where fruit needs to be picked, recruit & coordinate fruit picking volunteers, make sure the fruit is stored correctly & used to the best effect, coordinate events for the project and find markets for the produce to make sure the project becomes self-sustaining.

Both individuals and businesses can pledge, and will be rewarded in return – business rewards range from a public thank you, to team away days, to the planting of an orchard.

‘Urban Harvest’ is really capturing people’s imaginations and gaining media interest, including coverage on BBC Midlands Today, BBC WM radio and in the Birmingham Mail!

If you’d like like to see Northfield-grown produce both on sale and going to deserving local causes, please pledge here


    • They’re planning to give some to food bank, children’s centres etched but more produce should be on general sale

  1. urban project manager on how much £100,000 grand year !! they certianly know how to complicate things just turn up pick friut sell on at Farmers market /car boots its should be self funding #complicated

    • Northfield Ecocentre is asking for £10k from like-minded people for their project? I’d imagine their coordinator will have quite a bit of work initially so the project can be self-funding… tracking down fruit trees and negotiating with landowners; making sure various fruits are harvested at the right time; recruiting enough volunteers for the different tasks; logistics of transporting, storing and processing the fruit; paying up front for the juicing/bottling; any food hygiene etc related to the sale of food; running courses and events; promoting the products; arranging to supply food stores and co-ops; donating to charities and children’s centres etc.


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