webchatPolice and council officials will be taking part in a live web chat on Wednesday, answering your questions on tackling anti-social behaviour.

Assistant Chief Constable Garry Forsyth will be joined by Parveen Nar from Birmingham City Council’s Safer Communities Team. Join them here between 5-6pm on Wednesday 28th August.

Any questions on anti-social behaviour and how the police and council tackle it are welcomed.

If you can’t be online during the live chat, leave your questions below and we will ask them on your behalf. You can then replay the web chat at any time.

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  1. My question is…now the police have lost control of cannabis being smoked openly on the streets and drivers flaunting the rules by using mobiles when driving and parking on the pavements..both of which i find anti-social…why the need to ask us how to tackle anti-social behaviour. Surely the answer would be to enforce the laws already in place?

  2. something needs to be done about the gangs of youths that are hanging around the streets late at night on sunbury rd and cedntral avenue I live in coney green house and yet again they where round the back of the block at 12.35amsat/sun morning smashing furniture up that had been out out conciqently smashing the glass on my balcony they then ran off and where kicking hell out of the 45 bus shelter and the shop shutters why arnt they at home and where are there parents they where only youngsters and the fact that everyone and his auntie bring there dog to foul our grass and just leave it !! I thaught there was a law against this yet nobody does anything im the only one out of the block that cleans up after my dog and most of the time I clean every one elses aswell because I don’t want my grandchildren stepping in it! besides everyone else that leaves it …..driving me nuts….

  3. It looks like the only two questions on here were not answered then sue, unless i’m missing something.
    Never mind, its the same old rubbish from the useless council and police.
    Instead of them keep asking the public to do their jobs…how about they actually get out and sort some problems out for themselves.


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