Image by @shellski24 on twitter
Image by @shellski24 on twitter

Preparation for next weekend’s Fusion Festival is well underway!

Cofton Park is currently being prepared so there will be some restrictions to park users, but hopefully, with plenty of space, this won’t cause too many problems!

Park restrictions: (extracted from a notice in the park)

“Trackway will be laid from the Lowhill Lane entrance into the park. The event infrastructure and stage will be located on the main flat area of the park facing the hill.
Other than the build area, access for park visitors should remain generally unaffected in the lead up to the event weekend, however:

  • Play area will be closed from Monday the 26th August until Friday the 6th September
  • Car park will be PARTIALLY closed from Tuesday 27th August.
  • Car park will be FULLY closed from Thursday 29th August evening until after the event.

During the event weekend the event area and arena will also be fenced.


Road closures:

All addresses in affected areas should now have been served with the following notice of road closures, including a permit for residents in Zones A & B (as detailed below). Here is the notice in full:

“To ensure as little disruption as possible to local residents, the event organisers have applied to close some roads in the area, as well as to restrict stopping on certain roads. The effect of this will be to ensure festival goers do not park in the residential areas around Cofton Park, but use the official Fusion Festival car parks only. The road closures and no stopping restrictions have been approved by Birmingham City Council and/or Bromsgrove District Council.

The following restrictions will be in place:

0900-1800 each day

Zone A:
1. Lowhill Lane, from the junction with Groveley Lane, to the MG Rover site entrance, will be closed to all vehicles except site traffic and emergency vehicles.
2. Lowhill Lane, from the MG Rover site entrance to the junction with Lickey Road, will be closed to through traffic. Access will be granted to residents of Cofton Park Drive, and to festival goers using the parking and pick up/drop off facility at the MG Rover site.
3. Cofton Park Drive, entrances off Lowhill Lane and Lickey Road:- access to residents only.
4. Parsonage Drive, Chestnut Drive, Ashmead Drive, Ten Ashes Lane, Elliot Gardens :- access to residents only

Zone B:
5. Leach Green Lane between Lickey Road and Eachway Lane, Edgwood Road between Lickey Road and Cliff Rock  Road, Ryde Park Road, Tin Meadow Crescent, Rednal Mill Drive, Knowle Close, and ALL roads off these roads.

Road closure orders for roads in Zone B have been granted. However, closures will only be put in place if it is felt  that festival traffic is having an adverse effect on residents access. This decision will be made after consultation with the relevant council representatives, police, event organisers and Traffic Management contractor.

Residents within Zone A should carry the enclosed vehicle pass with them in their vehicles whenever they leave their properties. Residents within Zone B should also carry this pass with them, as road closures may be put in place whilst you are out of your premises.

All road closures will have marshals stationed on them. They are there to assist you, please be polite to them. Should you forget this pass, any proof of address/I.D will assist you in getting through the closures. If you are expecting visitors over the weekend, please let the marshal at the relevant road closure know, so that they can allow access to your guests.

Deliveries, nurses, social carers, etc, will all be allowed access through the closure points.


  1. Groveley Lane, from its junction with Lickey Road to its junction with Lowhill Lane Lowhill Lane, from its junction with Lickey Road to the MG Rover site entrance
  2. Lickey Road, Southbound carriageway, between the A38 Longbridge roundabout, and the junction with Groveley Lane.

The above sections of road will have no stopping restrictions enforced throughout the weekend.

Lickey Road Northbound carriageway will be unrestricted, to allow residents of Lickey Road to park outside their  properties.

Please remember that these closures and parking restrictions are being enforced for the benefit of you, the local  residents. Violence and/or abuse directed at road closure marshals will not be tolerated, and the police will be  called.

Finally, may we thank you in anticipation for your understanding and assistance, and look forward to a trouble and congestion free weekend.”


Tickets are still available to buy online at

Tickets purchased before midday on Tuesday 27th August have guaranteed delivery.

After this time, you can still buy online and collect from the Box Office at Cofton Park which will be open from 10am on Thursday 29th August. Box Office tickets must be collected by noon on Friday 30th August.

You can also purchase tickets directly from the Box Office on Thursday 19th and Friday 30th


  1. again no one thinging of people living around cofton park i habe a 16month son who never sleep what a joke this all about money it makes me sick oh and i hope it is being policed

  2. Which idiot within Birmingham City Council allows this to take place? Obviously not someone who lives locally or has had any communication with local residents.

    This is what we have the NEC and ICC for!

  3. It’s an open air festival – you can’t have that at the NEC or ICC. You’ll just have to put up with the noise for a whole two nights, you moaning old spoilsports.


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