Dash and his new friend Emily
Dash and his new friend Emily

Remember #RunningCollie the collie running frantically around the Longbridge / Northfield area for weeks last Nopvember which many of you helped spot and try to contain? 

‘Dash’, as he is now known, has a new home and family and is doing well!

New owner Lorraine said: “[…] when I took Dash in (he was following Emily and I home) I did everything I could to find his legal owner.

“I took him up to Ray Dedicoat of Hollytrees Animal Rescue Trust and had him checked for a microchip. He didn’t have one!! Ray had heard of him and indeed had also been out to try and catch him!

“I posted several photos of him on Dogs Lost UK, and I walked him round the area that I found him in – by the River Rea in Longbridge. I took him to the vets and had an eye infection treated, treated his sore paws, and fed him gradually as he was extremely thin and starving.

“After two months and no news from a previous owner I have had him neutered and chipped and […] you can see he is now the picture of health and happiness.”

Thanks for the update, Lorraine, and well done! We love a happy ending – Dash looks very happy and healthy compared to the last time I saw him running around lost on Great Park! 


  1. what a lovely thing to do……… if only others would do there duties as owners,the fact that someone could be so cruel and let there beloved loving pet out and not give a monkeys is beyond me and leave them to the elements of no food and traffic. regards

  2. This i a lovely story and a brilliant thing to do and it is a shame people do this, you deserve a medal and he looks so happy.


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