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Northfield police this morning arrested a 27 year old man on suspicion of cannabis cultivation when he was given away by a cup of tea.

West Midlands Police served a warrant at Mandeville House, Walnut Way at 8am this morning, uncovering a 40-plant cannabis set-up as well as a quantity of, what is believed to be, crack cocaine.

Unfortunately it seemed there was no sign of the drug ‘farmer’.

However, attending officers soon realised that he must be close by when they spotted a hot cup of tea and a morning paper at the property and launched a hasty manhunt.  Minutes later a man was spotted nearby and arrested after a brief foot-chase through gardens.

The astute Northfield officers  involved in the arrest were soon heading back to the custody suite when,  shortly after delivering their first prisoner to Bournville Lane police station they spotted two lads on a suspected stolen bike in Rea Road.

Northfield Sergeant Dave Cotter, who leads the team, said: “The cup of tea clue sounds like something out of a Miss Marple novel…it was a great piece of intuitive policing and quick thinking that prevented a drug deal suspect from escaping.

“It’s been an extremely busy, successful day for my officers as they’ve managed to arrest three individuals suspected of committing two unrelated crimes. The professionalism of my team shone through and these arrests will have a positive effect on the local area.”

A 27-year-old man was arrested nearby and is being questioned on suspicion of cultivating cannabis and other drugs offences.

And two 16-year-old male youths are also in police custody on suspicion of stealing a motor vehicle.


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