A number of residents have expressed some concerns regarding child safety following a large police presence on the Hollymoor estate, Northfield yesterday evening (9th July).

Just after 8pm residents reported a large police presence, including dogs, on the estate, with the West Midlands Police helicopter hovering very low over Hollymoor Park.

We are told that police were called to reports of a missing child but that the child was found safe and well at his own home after a short period of time.

Members of the community were already out searching for the child. Concerns were high as some local parents had earlier reported to police that a man had been speaking to children in the park.

safestreetLongbridge Sergeant Karl Pierpoint today offered reassurance, saying that the missing child had, in fact, been at his own home all along and that the man only spoke briefly to children, asking their ages.

A search did take place but no crimes were recorded.

Although there is no cause for alarm, Sgt Pierpoint asks us to remind parents to take usual precautions and chat with children about “Stranger Danger” and being cautious around strangers. Ensure you know where your children are at all times.

Visit Safe Street – a fun interactive site helping youngsters learn how to be safe on the street – click the blue car for a ‘Stranger Danger’ scenario.

If you do have any concerns, call Longbridge Police on 101


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