UPDATE 17th September: CONGRATULATIONS to Birmingham Updates, voted winner in the West Midlands in the Talk Talk Digital Heroes awards 2013! We are proud to have been nominated by Richard Burden MP and that so many of you voted for us! Thank you so very much to everyone who did vote for us :) We’re happy that there is such a worthy winner! Well done, Luke, keep up the great work! 

We at B31 Voices are overwhelmed to announce that Northfield MP Richard Burden has nominated us for a Talk Talk Digital Heroes Award!

Run by Talk Talk, in partnership with Citizens Online and The Mirror and backed by Go On UK, the national awards aim to recognise those using technology to bring about local social change.

There are 12 regional prizes worth £5000 and an overall winner will be awarded £10,000.

It is an honour to even be nominated and we would like to thank Richard Burden for his kind words in doing so!

The B31 Voices ~nomination submitted by Richard Burden MP:

“B31 Voices is a fantastic example of how people are harnessing technology to bring about positive social change. The online blog, which was set up originally to cover points of interest in the area of Northfield and Longbridge in Birmingham, has now developed into a vital source of local information for local people across my entire constituency in the south west suburb of Birmingham. The blog provides breaking news and updates for the area; covers events, people and groups; and provides information on local history, creative arts and other issues.

Originally set up by Sas and her husband Marty, B31 Voices has now grown into a network of local contributors and has over 10,000 twitter and facebook followers. I has certainly become a must visit site and a much valued community resource. Importantly, it welcomes contributions from all guest bloggers and provides a platform for all local voices, businesses and community groups. The collapse of MG Rover at Longbridge in 2005 had an enormous social and economic impact in my constituency, and it’s the vision and dedication of local people like Sas that have been important in overcoming a crisis. Along with the £1 billion new redevelopment at Longbridge, projects and initiatives like B31 Voices have been really important for building a new sense of optimism and excitement in our area. The blog is also invaluable for keeping me updated with local issues when I’m in Westminster!

In my view, Sas and the blog are already Digital Heroes – and absolutely deserve to win a Talk Talk Digital Hero Award.”

Dido Harding, Chief Executive of TalkTalk, said: “Each year, our Digital Heroes Awards attract hundreds of nominations from people across the country and since the awards began they have made an enormous difference to many important projects in local communities around the country. With this year’s nominations now open we’re looking forward to finding new and innovative projects showcasing how technology truly is a force for good.”

Nominations are open until August 14th 2013. A public vote will be opened after this date.


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