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A Frankley pub has applied for a late licence allowing it to remain open until 2am seven days a week.

As part of the application to Birmingham City Council, The Bugle Horn in Wareham Road has asked for permission to serve alcohol and have live music until 1.30am daily. The premises would remain open until 2am with half an hour drinking up time, if the application was to be granted.

Local politicians have today expressed their objections to the proposed extension.

On behalf of Longbridge ward councillors, Councillor Ian Cruise said: “The Labour councillors in Longbridge are aware of this application and have already lodged our objections.  Whilst we appreciate the work done to turn the pub around, it is in a residential area and extending the opening hours until 2am will not benefit the community.  We will be following up with a street surgery where we will be asking residents to sign a petition for Ward Chair Cllr Cartwright to present to the licensing committee.”

Northfield MP Richard Burden said: “I am very concerned to hear that the Bugle Horn has applied to extend its opening hours and music licence to so late at night. Local residents have already contacted my office to tell me that they are opposed to the extension too. I am pleased that local Labour Councillor, Andy Cartwright, has got on to it straight away and he has written to the Council’s licensing sub-committee on behalf of residents  to oppose the plans. He has my full support in this and, as he chairs the Council’s own ward Committee covering Longbridge, I think his representations should carry a lot of weight.”

Conservative parliamentary candidate for Northfield Rachel McLean, who recently posted a flyer with council candidate Derek Johnson to local residents, said: “Residents are appreciative of the fact that we have brought this licensing application to their attention. There are extremely strong views in a wide area, including those living locally and people further away who will be affected by it. People are incredulous that the application has been made and some are quite angry that they had not been made aware of it until now. We would like to know whether the local police also understand the weight of feeling in the area about this application and what their input will be.”

You can read the full details of the licensing application on the Birmingham City Council website – visit – agree to the terms – click search premises – enter Licence number 3639 – click the bottom entry ref 82921

Anyone wishing to make any comments on this application should contact Birmingham City Council Planning Department quoting reference 82921 :

Post: Licensing Section, Crystal Court, Aston Cross Business Village, 50 Rocky Lane, Aston, Birmingham B6 5RQ


Tel 0121 303 9896


  1. This is not a serious application…is it ?
    The premises are open virtually all day and next to shops and houses…good god, how much time do they need to drink.

  2. Hope it doesn’t go ahead. Good to see local Lab Cllrs already on top of it. Tories jumping on the (late) bandwagon and trying to get credit as usual – the PPC doesn’t even live in Birmingham let alone the constituency!

  3. the police are already involved as they are very community based, don’t wait for a reaction, always proactive and work in partnership well with the community and local labour cllrs. this just proves the importance of grass roots representatives. hope the plan gets quashed it would be bad 4 the area. well done to the police and cllrs.

  4. i agree with Aladdin and local chap,the last thing Frankley needs is somewhere adults can enjoy themselves listening to live music,whilst having a bite to eat and a drink. perish the thought. much rather people finish work late and go smoke themselves to death,at home,in front of the – x-factor whilst munching a piece of rubbery chicken and downing cheap supermarket lager.

    it makes more much sense to let The pub run at a loss,especially in a recession,with dwindling regular numbers, so it can go out of business, get taken over by another fast food chain or perhaps a supermarket could knock it down and use the field for parking.

    it could bring something different, new and vibrant into the area or it could just be another rubbish late night pub,but why bother giving them a license or even chance,i mean it’s not like these things can get revoked. nope we should stamp it out.,pronto, before they can do any good/bad for the local community.

    • ruined how? even so though,should a small minority ruin it for the rest, forever?

      other pubs/live music venues add a lot to their surrounding communities. charity gigs,auctions,music lessons and instrument tasters it’d also be somewhere for local musicians to practice and hone their craft.

  5. i think they should just blow the bloody place up…same goes for the coldstream,the cock inn, and the licky banker….these pubs are just a cosy nest for drug dealers….

    i have lived on frankley for 35 years and watched it go right down the nick.i remember someone loseing there life outside the bugle horn few years ago…

    its the people who drink in these pubs that give it a bad name…!


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