A 22 year old man from Northfield has been sentenced to 20 months in prison after trying to groom young girls.

The Birmingham Mail reports that Paul Jones was jailed after police found evidence that he had used the internet to ask girls as young as 13 for sex and naked pictures.

Read the full story on the Birmingham Mail website


  1. This does sound really bad however I do know someone else in a similar situation. You have to hear both sides of the story as it says he pleaded guilty. The person I know also pleaded guilty only because he was facing a 50/50 chance of being found guilty or not guilty if he had gone to trial. This would have depended on the Jury and Judge on the day. If found guilty down this route then he was facing double the time. Also if the police had seized all of his equipment then how could he have managed to get the evidence he required to go to trial? I think we need to hear the guys story before we make judgment.


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