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To celebrate the start of the summer season, we’ve teamed up with Bellfield Children Centre to deliver six one-hour sessions family gardening fun at our amazing Masefield Community Garden.
On our introductory session, Friday 21st June, the garden was filled with keen gardeners, small and big, who were very eager to discover the site before getting their hands dirty.
We had a tour of the allotment, admiring the vegetables already grown by our regular volunteers as well as by pupils from Cotteridge School who have done an amazing job filling up their raised bed with all sort of green goodies since the beginning of the gardening season.
The children from Bellfield were very good at guessing what was growing in the ground, what part of the plant we eat and all were keen to share what their favourite vegetables were.
We didn’t lose time and started planting excitingly pea shoots, radishes, lettuces seeds as well as some chard seedlings, learning to take extra care not to damage the fragile roots.
We were back there today for our second session, and thanks to the wonderful mixed weather of the last few days, our seeds/seedlings were doing great as well as the weeds, so it was a good opportunity to learn the difference between plants and weeds!
We also played bugs explorers taking our magnifying glasses, trying to identify the mini-beasts crawling around and learning about the importance of having them in a garden.
And of course we did some more planting, filling up gaps in our herb spiral with three different sorts of mint, citronella and rosemary cuttings.

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  1. Anything that encourages people, especially children to grow and learn about vegetables must be good. Well done to everyone involved.


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