The gun used in the robbery | image West Midlands Police
The imitation gun used in the robbery | image West Midlands Police

A 17 year old has been sentenced to more than four years in prison after shooting another teen in the face with a BB air gun in a West Heath attack.

The teen pleaded guilty to possessing an imitation firearm as well as two counts of robbery and five counts of attempted robbery and was handed a total sentence of four years and four months imprisonment at a hearing at Birmingham Crown Court on Monday 10 June.

The incident happened on January 12th this year when a group of students were attacked by a larger group of youths after a 16th birthday party in Wychall Lane, West Heath.

Four of the victims were shot in the face and neck with pellets from the air gun as their attackers threatened them and searched them for valuables.

Police gave chase after a patrol car was flagged down. The offenders ran through gardens in Woodgalde Croft, breaking fences. One teen, found to have a stolen mobile phone, was cornered in a garden by a resident and his dog and arrested.

Although most of the victims’ wounds were superficial, one youngster has been left with two pellets embedded in his face as doctors decided it would be too risky to try to remove them.

DC Darren Wilkie from the force’s Criminal Investigation Department said: “This was a shocking attack on the youngsters and we are pleased that the sentence reflects the severity of the crime.

“This type of incident shows how dangerous BB or pellet guns can be when used as a weapon and, visually, they look very realistic firearms.

“Carrying an imitation firearm in public is a very serious offence and can result in a substantial prison sentence, so we are pleased that the judge recognised this in his sentencing.”

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The video below also highlights the dangers to anyone carrying a replica weapon, as West Midlands firearms officers pull their handguns on a 16 year old with a “toy gun” on the streets of Birmingham at a separate incident.


  1. I really don’t get this why does he get more than four years in prison for something as silly as that and there’s peadophiles that get less time…. Justice system is seriously f#+#ed up!!!

  2. 3 DEE my man got that long for something that stupid, peedophiles/rapists get far less, whats more important little girls/women’s safety or robbery?


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