Do you live in Frankley, Northfield, Weoley, Kings Norton, Rednal or Longbridge? Want to ask your MP a question?

This evening, Northfield MP Richard Burden will be inviting you to “Ask Me Anything” on Facebook or Twitter.

Mr Burden will be answering your questions on his Facebook page and Twitter account between 5.30pm and 6.30pm on Tuesday 4th June.

Richard Burden said: “The intention is to give all the people of Birmingham Northfield the opportunity to ask a Member of Parliament any question about what I do, think, enjoy, hate, and am interested in, that they would like to know the answer to. From my favourite bands, sports, movies, or books, to what it is like working in the Houses of Parliament, to what is the strangest or most surreal thing I’ve seen, to what I love most about being your MP, this is everyone’s chance to ask.”

You can ask your questions live or, if you can’t make the chat time, tweet us @B31Voices or leave a comment below and we will ask it on your behalf.

To follow his answers, ‘Like’ his Facebook page and follow him on twitter.

You will be able to follow the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #ASKRB. Tweets with the hashtag will also be visible to follow on this page.

For more information on Richard Burden’s Ask Me Anything session,  visit his website.


  1. I would like to ask Mr Burden this, is there any point of Birmingham City Council haveing a bidding system for transfers? I have been bidding for 3 years now with No success, at what point do they decide i may have a transfer? This system is such a farce and put in place to Deter people from getting a transfer!!

  2. The new system for biding on council properties seems unfair as if u r trying to move as u need more bedrooms u only get forty points and no chance of getting anywhere near a property!!! What are u prepared to do to help in these circumstances?

  3. When is the bus stoP on foyle rd corner of redditch road going to be removed , & re located . We were asked to get 3 council backing & we did , we also got petition from residents on redditch road but still the bus stop remains ???


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