phishingFrom Birmingham City Council:

Birmingham City Council has warned people to be on their guard against an email scam offering council tax rebates and requesting personal information.

One resident alerted the city council after receiving the email below from the following email address: (This is not a Birmingham City Council email address)

Dear …

We have reviewed your records,your taxes, house rent and living expenses for the year 2011-12. And on behalf of Birmingham City rebate team, I am happy to inform you that you are entitled to some refund already disbursed to my team.We have tried unsuccessfully to contact you at your previous residence. Therefore we understand that you may have moved abroad at the end of your studies but to claim your refund totalling £3,405 for the year 2011-2012. Kindly send me the following;

  • Your Full name:
  • Contact Address:
  • Tel:
  • Mode of Payment:

Please quote this reference number (904DR) in your correspondence.

Also,refunds are liable to taxes as it is a form of income which you would have claimed during your stay/studies in Birmingham as at August/Sept 2012.

Claim until 31st June 2013.

Best Regards.
Robert Bergonzi
Tax Rebate Team Head.
Council House, Victoria Square,
Worcestershire B1 1BB
United Kingdom.

The email was not sent by Birmingham City Council and anyone receiving a similar email should on no account provide personal details.

A Birmingham City Council spokesman said: “This was a very crude attempt to obtain personal information from the recipient and fortunately the matter was immediately reported to officials.

“Birmingham City Council emails do not come from Hotmail accounts and we will always write to customers regarding any financial matters/or monies owed by either party in the first instance. We do not make unsolicited calls asking for personal details to be confirmed.

“We would urge members of the public to never, in any circumstances, give out personal or banking details to anyone making an unsolicited call, email or visit to their home.”

Advice on avoiding email scams and hoaxes:

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