Sam on the ice

A 15 year old from Rednal has made it through qualifiers to reach the final of the national Xtreme Ice Challenge.

Extreme Ice skating is a physically demanding sport, where competitors take part in time trials around obstacle courses on the ice, testing their speed, agility, skill and endurance.

Sam Harvey, who lives on Great Park taught himself to skate and has only been taking part in the sport for around 16 months. He has had many scrapes and falls, including several trips to hospital but through sheer self motivation and determination has managed to rise to the top of the under 16 age group.

Sam’s sister Nicky is understandably proud of her brother, who takes himself off to Planet Ice at the Leisurebox in Digbeth and practices for 10 hours every Saturday and Sunday, plus more during school holidays! And he’s done all this while studying for his exams at Turves Green Boys School, hoping to go on to study engineering at college.

Sam & Nicky Harvey

Sister Nicky said: “I am very proud of Sam – he is very dedicated and has a ‘can do’ attitude which has got him this far. I went to see him skate and was amazed at his confidence and ability on the ice – I just fell over! So does he, but he gets back up and has another go and another go and another go. He is always coming home tired and bruised and cut but gets up early the next day to go again.”

Sam turns 16 soon and hopes to be a marshall and has just taken up ice hockey.

Sam said: “If you want to do something, then stick at it. [I] can’t wait for the finals because it will be fun.”

The Xtreme Ice Challenge final takes place on 17th August at the Coventry Skydome with heat winners from 14 Planet Ice and Silver Blades ice rinks across the country taking part.

We wish you luck, Sam! 


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