Northfield based Life Line Food Bank has been announced as Sainsburys Northfield’s new Local Charity.

This is the fifth year of Sainsburys nationwide Local Charity partner initiative which sees stores supporting local organisations. The scheme has so far raised £5 million for charities across the country.

Customers were able to nominate their favourite local charities both  in-store and online between 1st to 15th May.

Lifeline Food Bank will receive fundraising and awareness support from the Northfield store for the next 12 months. The charity supports families in crisis in the local community with donated food hampers, training to get back in to work, volunteering, financial advice, help with filling in forms and social groups.  Last year the store raised £7,7000 for Friends of Victoria School and the charity will be using the money to help refurbish their soft playroom.

Store manager Richard Perry said: “We’ve had a great response from our customers and we’re delighted to have chosen a charity which many of our customers and colleagues can associate with. We will now be working closely with the charity to ensure they really benefit from the Local Charity partnership”.

Along with with Pastor Stephen Merrick from Lifeline Food Bank and support from Local MP Richard Burden and other supporters, store staff will kick off fundraising with a food donation drive on Friday 21st June. Pop in to the store and donate a few items if you can!

Visit the Life Line Food Bank web site

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Cover image by Nic McPhee on Flickr


  1. Must admit I feel ashamed to live in a country where we need to have food banks. Need to have a national living wage and paid work schemes for the unemployed.

    However Life Line do acknowledge where the causes of the problems are coming from, the recession and the changes to the benefit system, more than most do who proffer the usually idiotic ‘we are not political’ rubbish.
    What got me were the images on the website, the couple look like they are out of an American cereals add from the 1950s, how did they get such white teeth!!


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