DanielCollins A talented young student’s radio documentary on the effects of binge drinking scoops award for ‘Best Documentary’ at the New York Festivals Radio Awards.


The New York Festivals Radio Awards honours the best in global radio.


A student at Birmingham City University, Daniel Collins, produced the five minute award winning documentary as part of his radio production course.  The 5 minute program named ‘Binge Drinking, Just Don’t Do It’ is a real life account of how this all too common activity can devastate families.


Daniel, originally from Longbridge, courageously took his own family’s experience of the subject to put the message across.  The documentary tells the story of his brother Simon, who sadly died just over 2 years ago after a binge drinking episode.  Providing a very personal and emotional account from the initial moments to the ever lasting impact it’s had on the family.


Narrated by Daniel and Simon’s father, Dave, it’s a powerful piece which tells a much needed message.  Clearly a difficult program to make, however Daniel and Dave hope they’ve helped raise awareness to the young of the disastrous consequences that binge drinking can have.


An outstanding documentary that’s difficult to listen to but it’s a privilege to have done so.


Please listen here ‘Binge Drinking, Just Don’t Do It’



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