Chief Superintendent Emma Barnett
Chief Superintendent Emma Barnett

Do you live or work in South West Birmingham? Would you like the opportunity to ask senior police officers questions about local policing issues?

Following the success of recent webchats with Northfield Inspector Vanessa Eyles, we’ll be teaming up with Birmingham South Police once again to co-host a LIVE web chat on Monday 10th June.

The web chat will see the three most senior police officers in the area answering your questions and will be co-hosted on the Birmingham South Police website, B31 Voices and other hyperlocal serving the south west of the city. The Birmingham South Local Policing Unit covers the Northfield, Edgbaston and Selly Oak constituencies – this includes Kings Norton, Longbridge, Northfield and Weoley wards.

Chief Superintendent Emma Barnett and Superintendents Jo Smallwood and Andy Shipman will be answering your questions about policing across south Birmingham.

The Command Team will be inviting members of the local community to ask questions about how officers police the area, and are also keen to hear any concerns or queries local people may wish to share.

To join the web chat and ask questions, simply click play in the grey box below between 5pm and 7pm on Monday 10 June. If you wish, you can remain anonymous when asking questions or viewing the page and you do not need to sign in or register.

If you’re not able to join the live conversation, please leave your questions in the comments box below, or post them on our facebook page  and we will ask them on your behalf. The whole chat will be available for playback below after the event.


  1. Hi ya, can you ask why the women at the traffic lights at the main McDonlads drive through on the way into town on the Bristol Road, who go between the traffic and clean the car windscreens aren’t moved on please? They are always there during that day causing a nuisance but more importantly are endangering themselves and others around them with what they are doing!

  2. How are the police going to stop people using mobile phones while driving..? No matter what the government do about the punishment…if you are not catching the culprits it does not mean anything.
    Along the same lines…why are so many cars driving around with the number plates altered to make up names and when are you going to put a stop to it..?

    • ok will ask! Re number plates – do you mean like with numbers restyled and dots added etc to make letters look different?

  3. Well she is a waste of space. Makes a lot of noise but no real answers. Truth is they have lost control of the area. The place is awash with drugs and thugs. Car drivers do as they please. Shoplifting is rife. All she can say is go to meetings or report things. Never mind putting it back to us…how about the police doing something about the problems or are they blind. Why do i need to say at a meeting people are driving round on the phone or with changed number plates…cant the police see it. I guess the answer is yes..but they dont do anything.


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