West Mercia Police are appealing for witnesses following two sexual assaults on teenage girls in Rubery on Thursday (23 May).

The two assaults occurred in broad daylight within a couple of hours of each other and detectives investigating the incidents believe the same man was responsible.

A man followed the first victim along New Inns Lane before assaulting her near some bollards at the end of a service road on New Inns Lane between 7.45am and 8.05am. The man then ran back up the path towards the pedestrian crossing.

The second victim became aware of a man walking behind her in Callowbrook Lane bewtween 9.20am and 9.40am. She went through an alleyway from Rea Avenue into Barrington Road where the man caught up with her and briefly sexually assaulted her before running off.

The offender is described as: white, aged about 18-20, about 6ft tall, slim with close cropped, dark hair. He was wearing a black T-shirt and baggy dark jeans or trousers.

Detective Constable Mark Lazenby said: “We are taking these incidents very seriously and urging anyone who may have seen this man or thinks they recognise him from the description to get in touch with us at Bromsgrove CID without delay.

“In one of the incidents the girl had been followed for up to ten minutes so it is possible someone noticed that.

“Both of the assaults were over in a matter of seconds but it left the girls extremely shaken up by what happened. It is vital we trace the offender as soon as possible so if you know anything please pick up the phone.”

Det Con Lazenby said that although it was generally a built-up area both attacks had taken place in quiet, secluded locations.

He added: “If possible women or young girls should avoid walking alone in such spots, let someone know where they are going and keep in touch with them via their mobile.”

Police have begun targeted patrols in the area in response to the incidents.

There were also worries expressed by parents in the Northfield area this afternoon as some local schools sent a text to parents to remind them of  ‘Stranger Danger’ following an unconfirmed incident this morning.

Northfield Inspector Vanessa Eyeles said: “We are aware of rumours circulating of an attempted child abduction in Northfield this morning. We want to clarify that nobody was abducted. Officers are trying to establish what happened and are working closely with the school.”

Anyone with information on the Rubery assaults should call Bromsgrove CID on 101, quoting incident reference 79-S-230513, or if people prefer to give details anonymously they should contact the independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Cover image by Ian Britton on Flickr


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