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Developers have reached a key milestone in plans for 7,000 Birmingham jobs to be based at the former Rover site at Longbridge.

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  1. I am delighted there is progress and the wasteland is gradually being transformed. In fact, the number of people employed by MG Rover, who lost their jobs, was 5800. There were other people on-site affected, through service companies.
    The sad truth, these new jobs are not the same quality or pay. The simple arithmetic of 50% offset is hiding the full picture – and it is now EIGHT years since the demise of MGRG.

  2. Lets hope most of these jobs go to local people who need them. The promise was for 10.000 jobs but so far they are all in retail.
    Longbridge town centre is coming along and lets face it we need a town centre which could put Longbridge on the map.
    Rover was a big part of Longbridge and we should never forget the work it gave to the people of this city.
    Lets hope this new town centre can bring hope to Longbridge and its people.
    please can we have more jobs for the next generation and new families that are moving into Longbridge.


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