A motorbike stolen from a driveway in Longbridge was recovered by West Midlands Police within hours yesterday, thanks to B31 Voices readers.

On Sunday, a Twitter follower alerted B31 Voices that she had seen the bike, parked up on a public pathway close to Manor Park Grove, Hollymoor, Northfield and she thought it was an odd place to leave it. B31 Voices and the follower alerted Longbridge Neighbourhood policing team.

A 12 year old girl who walked passed the parked bike also reported it to B31 Voices and had the foresight to memorise the registration number. This information was also passed to the police.

A short time afterwards, B31 Voices received a message from a Longbridge man reporting that his blue Suzuki bandit had been stolen from his driveway in Bristol Road South in the early hours of Sunday morning. Sgt Pierpoint and PC Greaves from Longbridge police were soon on scene to retrieve the bike and were in quick contact with its owner. Sgt Pierpoint even sent us a photo of the bike so we could send it to the owner to reassure him of its condition!

With so many stolen motorbikes being reported recently, it’s great that the community came together to help police to quickly recover this one!

If you have any information about this theft or any others, please contact West Midlands Police on 101


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