The Big Lunch Northfield Picnic
Image taken from Northfield EcoCentre

With food prices soaring and scandals shaking our food system, it is time to be more conscious of what we eat by choosing food we can trust that does not cost the earth. Why not bring food back to its roots and carry on the British tradition of growing in your own back garden?

To celebrate local, seasonal, organic and animal friendly food for all, Northfield EcoCentre invites you to The Big Lunch Northfield Picnic on Saturday 1st June, 11 am – 3pm. It is their fourth Big Lunch and the first time it will be completely outdoors at the charity’s new project, Masefield Community Garden on Lindsey Avenue, off Bunbury Road, in Northfield, B31 2DT.

Jackie Green, the Community Food Growing Coordinator at the EcoCentre, says, “What better place in Northfield could there be to celebrate food than our amazing allotment coming to life again this season! It will be great to have visitors sharing food they might have grown themselves and exchanging tips about gardening with each other!”

As well as being encouraged to bring and share food, visitors can enjoy a free day packed with exciting and informative gardening and food growing activities for the whole family. There will be a taster session to launch the EcoCentre’s new Forest Schools programme, giving families the opportunity to learn more about and thus value and protect their environment. Places are limited so come early to avoid disappointment!

Join the fun and bring your lovely organic, seasonal, locally sourced dishes, some blankets and plenty of enthusiasm for The Big Lunch Northfield Picnic!

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