A reader sent us this photo of a poster seen in a shop in Frankley. It contains a moving handwritten appeal from an elderly couple who had their car stolen from Norfolk Road, Frankley in March.

It reads:

To the person who stole our car on Tuesday morning at 11.35am,

My wife and I want you to stop and reflect on your behaviour. We believe you live locally, and what you did was deprive a woman of 83 years, who has had 4 strokes, means of getting to the hospital on her many appointments. She is also very frail, needs help to walk and has spinal problems. I myself have throat cancer and also have to attend hospital. The first thing I would like you to do is put my wife’s reading glasses into the post, as this is her little pleasure in life. We would very much like to get our car back so if you have not already trashed it, would you please park it across someone’s drive, locked up, as of course you have the key, and hopefully they will ring the police to get it moved, and we will get it back in one piece. A reward will be paid to anyone who helps us to recover the car. A copy of this letter will be in all the shops in Frankley, Rubery, Northfield, Selly Oak and beyond. Blue Citroen C3 Reg BF04NZB Thank you.

Having spoken to their daughter, we are told that the couple have now received an insurance pay out. However, this incident has greatly affected them both and there were personal, sentimental items in the car. If you have any information please call 101

car poster



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