A new vintage and retro shop has opened in Northfield Inshops.

Run by Jimmy Charles, Madchef Vintage and Retro stocks vintage and retro clothing, retro bags, comics, posters and many other vintage and retro items.

The shop is open 9-5 Monday to Saturday and is located in the Inshops Market, Bristol Road South, Northfield B31 2PA

For more information and to see new stock items follow Madchef on Facebook.

Oh and hands off the Goonies tote bag… mine! ;)

Click for larger…


  1. Thank you for the great post sas Taylor, met some lovely ladies who came to visit after seeing your post, anyway I was thinking of supporting armed forces day in June,I am thinking of wearing a wonderful nanny dress with hat and handbag and collecting for our wonderful forces,for those who haven’t met me I’m a short little bloke covered in tattoes and bald,would be interesting to get some feedback on this, regards madchef vintage and retro shop…

    • There’s been quite a lot of interest on Facebook and twitter! :)

      The dressing up? That I would love to see! ;D


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