Several readers of B31 Voices today reported that they had had their bank cards cloned at a local cash machine.

A number of reports of cards being cloned at the RBS ATM at Tesco Express in Rubery were posted on Facebook.

The alarm was first raised this morning by Jemma Louise who posted on our Facebook wall: “Please all be extra vigilant about the cash machines you use in the Rubery/Longbridge area, I woke up this morning to find my cards have been cloned and people have attempted to withdraw my cash!! Luckily HSBC fraud department noticed something wasn’t right”.

Melissa Ralph, who used the machine at Rubery Tesco just yesterday posted: “I have some weird transactions on my card… in Caerphilly! Thanks for the heads up, better ring my bank.”

Jack Haynes posted: “Friend had his card done over, £100 was taken out, tried taking more out, but bank declined, has to get a new card etc”

Cloning devices have now been removed from the machine at Rubery Tesco. Garry Beech posted: “I spoke to manager at store this morning as where you put card in there is glue marks & cracks around card slot but have been told its safe.”

Anyone who has used this machine in the last few weeks should check their account and report any suspicious activity to their bank as soon as possible.

Other readers suggested other machines in the local area may have had a similar problem. While this is not confirmed, it is advisable to check your account transactions anyway.

Lisa Widdicombe posted some good security advice: “Top tip – when entering your pin number, cover your hand with your purse or wallet (in your other hand). That way, even if there is a cloning device, the small camera cannot collect your pin number.”

Information from West Midlands Police on cash machine fraud

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