A busy Northfield town centre road was closed for around four hours today as West Midlands Police officers investigated an accident in which a bus was in collision with a pedestrian.

Church Road was closed to traffic between Bristol Road South and Maas Road following the accident on the pedestrian crossing outside Northfield Shopping Centre at around 10.30am.

The road was reopened at 2.30pm.

West Midlands Police confirmed this afternoon that an injured woman is in hospital.

A West Midlands Ambulance Service spokesman said: “Crews arrived to find a woman being treated by an off duty member of WMAS Patient Transport Services staff who had come across the incident and stopped to help.

“The woman, believed to be in her 60’s, suffered a serious head injury. She received emergency treatment at the scene and was transferred by land ambulance to Queen Elizabeth Hospital for further emergency treatment.

“Whilst at the scene, a passer-by was taken ill and also needed to be treated by ambulance crews. The woman, believed to be in her 30’s, and not involved in the RTC, was transferred by a land ambulance to the same hospital for further treatment.”



  1. This is a notorious accident spot in Northfield. Cars zooming in every direction and traffic lights far too slow to change to green!

  2. A notorious accident black spot. Cars zooming in all directions and traffic lights take far too long to change to red, in order to allow scores of pedestrians to cross..

    • Yes agree many people do not wait for light to change this is annoying when you are driving as you nearly run people over who cross when you have the right to drive. Everyone in Northfield wishes a recovery for the lady and she is in the best place the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

  3. This was an accident waiting to happen as cars are always zooming from all directions. Traffic lights take ages to turn red which makes pedestrians hurry cross the road because they cant wait to cross over. I hope the lady who was in the accident is ok and my prayers and thoughts are with her and her family.

  4. They should stop vehicles going though there but on the other hand people don’t look where there going and walk out in front of cars and buses very dangerous crossing it should be moved

  5. My first thoughts are with the lady concerned and i hope she has a speedy recovery.
    I don’t know the details of this incident but as a driver i wish pedestrians would wait for the green man to cross.

  6. i hope the lady recovers fully but both mortorists and pedestrains make mistakes here…mortorists rush thru frustrated by all the lights…pedestrians cross on red lights etc. Northfiled at this point is a mess and BCC neeed to get a grip on it and decide…is the high street a pedestrain area or not?? at presentt its a mess. and confusing to all.

  7. I drive passed here to day, and most of my working weeks im always passing here, it is ahot spot and the crossing should be lower down then being bang on the lights,

    Ppl down walk run etc across when the lights are Green,

    I havnt read above ,. And im not saying this is what happended


    Far too many people drive cars when they could be walking. Too many drivers behave too aggressively. I would like to see the entire centre of Northfield pedestrianised.
    The traffic light settings at this crossroads frequently do not allow people enough time to cross the roads, particularly the disabled and elderly. Many occasions the drivers race forward when they should allow those who are still struggling across to cross safely.
    Drivers need to remember that those ‘on foot’ are vulnerable to brutal machinery.
    It is a very dangerous spot and there have been numberous accidents.


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