Campaign 2013 action day: Birmingham Northfield
Rachel Maclean (left) campaigning in Birmingham Northfield | image by the Conservative Party on Flickr
The Conservative Party have selected their candidate to contest Birmingham Northfield in the next General Election and it’s someone who has lived in the area for over 40 years. 

Rachel Maclean has also been a Birmingham employer for 20 years, running an IT book publishing company that she founded with her husband which employs 40 people locally and 250 people worldwide.  Her local experience extends to working on the Skills for Birmingham project with the City Council, serving as the Assistant District Commission for Scouts in Solihull and being a Governor at a local Birmingham school. 

As the Parliamentary Candidate, Rachel’s priorities include helping hard working families with the cost of living, encouraging business investment and regeneration in the area and supporting young people’s access to jobs. 

Go to to find out more about Rachel and the Conservative Party. 


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