From West Midlands Police:

A WANTED man was arrested following a three-hour rooftop stand-off during which the fleeing burglary suspect scaled a factory building and hurled tiles, metal poles and even a storage unit at police.

The 23-year-old ran from a property in Popes Lane, Kings Norton, and into an industrial unit where he clambered onto a flat roof and armed himself with an array of missiles.

Officers took cover as they were pelted with objects as the man – wanted in connection with a break-in at an Erdington home and harassing an ex-partner – damaged a police vehicle and shattered windows at an adjacent property.

Police negotiators eventually coaxed the man down at around 3am this morning (April 23) where he was arrested for the outstanding matters plus criminal damage. He is currently in police custody.

West Midlands Police Force Incident Manager, Chief Inspector Lee Wharmby, said: “Sometimes criminals use extreme measures to avoid capture; what happened overnight demonstrates the tenacity and perseverance of officers to ensure we catch offenders and keep our streets safe.

“The force helicopter was hovering for quite some time in order to monitor the man’s movements and film his actions for evidential reasons.

“I apologise for any noise nuisance from the helicopter but it was necessary to ensure the safety of all those involved in this operation…I thank the cooperation of local businesses in assisting in bringing this incident to a safe conclusion.”

Police attended an address in Popes Lane at around 11:15am to arrest the man and tracked the suspect as he ran off through rear gardens and along a railway track to the industrial premises in Eckersall Road.

More than 20 officers were on hand to secure the site, surround the man and help with his arrest.

The 23-year-old – from Palmers Green in London – is wanted for a burglary in Buxton Road, Erdington, on February 18 where it’s alleged he caused £5,000 worth of damage, and on a prison recall for breaching the terms of his licence.


  1. Forgive me if this sounds a little harsh, but why was the firearms squad not brought in to settle this problem, avoiding the nuisance caused to decent law abiding citizens and damage to property and vehicles (which i suppose the public will foot the bill for).


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