I was out shopping for shampoo and conditioner the other week when my son pointed out a coconut shampoo by Inecto . Noticing the label said Paraben free i was curious as have suffered allergies to some of the more expensive brands before. at only £1.49 each in Home Bargains  for the shampoo & Conditioner it was also a bargain so I left with both products! My normal shampoo would have cost £5.99 alone so the thought of saving money was an added bonus I must admit!


Put to the Test


Trying the shampoo for the first time I immediately noticed how silky my hair felt in the shower, It felt as if the hair was being flattened out, I wonder if this is because the product contains pure coconut oil? It lathered well which I was surprised with due to it being Paraben free.


Easy to apply and leaves hair tangle free and feeling very silky indeed. The coconut scent is also amazing. Its not too sweet and more of a natural spicy scent rather than the cloying vanilla/coconut mix you find in certain sun creams etc.



My hair has natural waves and curls so usually I have to apply a cream or serum to help get my hair to straighten properly. I decided however to dry my hair without using any other product as i was curious if I could get my hair to look shiny and straight without adding extra products that might interfere with the end result.

As you can see from the picture my hair looks shiny and compared to my usual tangle , its unbelievably straight!

I also noticed my scalp felt less itchy and I’m sure this is a result of using Paraben free products.

I have to say I would rather use products that contain no Parabens after reading about their possible links to certain cancers.


I am so impressed with both the shampoo and conditioner I think I have been coaxed away from my more expensive brand for life! I will also be trying more Paraben free products from now on and more of the Inecto range of products.

Inecto can be found in Home Bargains as well as Superdrug, Bodycare and Holland & Barrett.

Let me know …. have you tried any of this range and if so  how did It work for you?


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