Via Birmingham Updates.

Two Birmingham City Council ride on lawn mowers were involved in an accident at the junction of Jiggins Lane and Clapgate Lane, Bartley Green near Woodgate Valley Country Park this afternoon.

It’s understood that no-one was hurt in the collision.


Images courtesy of @vaders_dad on twitter


  1. were they properly trained this is the thing if they were this sort of thing should not happen he was or she was to close to the other mower i have worked with other mower drivers that think they can control these machines but once your out of control thats it you cant stop them i have seen some drivers put them on two wheels and rally around on them but if you take it and use as you should and get properly trained you should be ok they are hayter or ransomes if they are hayter they work at a 19 degree angle if they are ransomes they should be about the same angle these drivers thought they worked at a sixty degree angle they are not used to driveing these type of machines by the look of it i have driven these sort of machines for over thirty five years and i have never had a thing like that happen i no some one that worked for a council he drove the machine up and down on a bit of grass a couple times then the man said your ok and sent him out mowing grass and he had never driven one before that day these things a not toys they are dangerous you have got to look around you all the time kids and dogs cats and other foot traffic and bikes can come out of nowhere at any time so just take it easy on these sort of machines not all mower drivers are dodgem drivers .


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