Work in Progress is looking to cast seven characters for their theatre project, After the Event, due to be performed on Northfield High Street this Summer (12-13th July).

They will be recruiting young people aged between 16-25 years old who live in and around Northfield for acting and backstage roles, including costume and set design.

About the characters
Character 1 – Male, 20, our narrator, car fanatic but banned from driving, has a secret, he is loyal and truthful and the link between all the characters.
Character 2 – Male, 24, in debt and on the edge, he is jobless and has drinking and gambling problems.
Character 3 – Female, 17, pregnant, head strong and ready to make the biggest decision of her life.
Character 4 – Male, 25, conspiracy theorist, been in prison and is an ex-soldier, has a plan for Mr Government.
Character 5 – Female, 19, a survivor, wants to be a policewoman and is close to achieving her dreams.
Character 6 – Male, 17, wheeler dealer connected to a gang, life’s for living and avoiding the job centre.
Character 7 – Female, 21, suffered a bereavement, experience of being bullied, smart and has just finished her degree, still can’t go out and is not yet ready to carry on enjoying life.

Auditions are due to be held at Visit Northfield Shop on 23rd April, 6-8.30pm. Refreshments provided. Please bring a short speech to perform and we will also ask you to read a section from our script.

Other roles
We are also looking for people to fill backstage roles so if you want to be part of the project but don’t necessarily want to perform come along too to find out more.

What is After The Event?
After the Event is a devised performance exploring the lives and experiences of England’s youth set against a backdrop of the 2012 Olympic Games.

The production is being created by Work in Progress and local young people, and being sponsored by Arts Council England, Northfield BID (Business Improvement District) and Northfield Town Centre Partnership.

When are sessions?
Weekly creative sessions are held at the Visit Northfield Shop, based on the High Street, on Wednesday evenings, 6-8pm.

So, what next?
If you’re interested, contact Ruth for more information: or 07837 734 275.


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