A call handler from Force Contact at Bournville Lane police station has been commended for his calmness under immense pressure when dealing with the emergency services last August when a woman was murdered in a Northfield taxi.  His actions helped police officers to quickly locate and arrest the offender. 

Inspector Denise Clarke praised Stephen Carter’s work “Steve’s wealth of experience as controller shone on the day – he correctly prioritised a mass of tasks that needed completion.  He directed officers to appropriate locations throughout the whole morning, always with their safety, and the safety of the public, in mind” 

By being lead controller of the situation that day Stephen dealt with the initial call, spoke to the officer at the scene while they were trying to save the victim’s life and managed to extract enough details about the offender that he was able to direct officers to a number of scenes. 

Supt Chris Johnson from Force Contact summed up Stephen’s efforts on the day by saying  “This is an example of a very challenging incident involving multiple scenes and significant local and force resources. The professional approach, quality of delivery, creative and critical thinking and decision making are exactly what we aspire for throughout force contact.” 


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