Just received confirmation from Cllr Cartwright that Rushmore House residents can now return home!

Fast work by Birmingham City Council. Great job! And fantastic emergency response – well done to Colmers School, Colmers Leisure Centre, Cllr Cartwright, Red Cross, Birmingham City Council officers, repair staff, security staff, Life Line Food Bank, South Birmingham Young Homeless Project, Cadbury staff shop and everyone else involved!

Cllr Cartwright said: “Due to all lead agencies and delivery partners the disruption is finished for the households and they are able to return home.

“I would like to thank all those involved. Great to see the community all support each other and pull together.”


  1. I’m very glad to hear that the residents can return to their homes but, whilst realising that lack of a mobile ‘phone signal is nothing compared to having your home flooded, am wondering/wishing about Vodaphone. The ‘phone mast that covers my part of Rubery was damaged due to the flood, as it’s apparently on Rushmore House, and we haven’t had a signal here since it happened. Vodaphone, when contacted, didn’t seem to know there was a problem. Anyone know what’s happening about that?


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