Earlier today we were contacted by the mother of a fourteen year old local girl who had not returned home after school yesterday.

She sent us the following, with a photo, and asked us to share it on our Facebook page.


Unfortunately, we were waiting with our son in fracture clinic at Birmingham Children’s Hospital at the time, but we managed to post the image on Facebook and Twitter, hoping to write a full post on this site as soon as we could.

Thankfully, at around 3pm, we were informed that Lucy had returned home and all was well.

It was then we noticed how many people had viewed the original post on Facebook. Around 15,500 people had seen the post in two hours. B31 Voices has just over 3000 followers on Facebook. Around 350 of these had shared the post making it visible to their friends. Some of their friends had shared it. And then their friends etc…..

At the time of writing this, the original missing post had been seen by more than 41,000 people on Facebook – that’s a pretty amazing reach and YOU all made that happen.

Craig Rollins wrote on our facebook wall: “Thank you B31 and all of your followers for all the help you guys have provided, through this page we had teams of kids walking through Northfield, Rubery and Weoley Castle looking for Lucy. We had so many calls from people who we don’t even know contacting us with info on Lucy’s possible whereabouts. Thankfully she is now safe at home in the bath! In a time where social media receives such bad press this page is a guiding light in how it can be positively put to use! Thank you all so much again!”

We’re really happy that Lucy is safely at home with her family and hope they don’t mind us sharing this to highlight the positive side of social media.

What you read, like and share on Facebook (and twitter etc) CAN make a positive difference.

Thank you all for sharing! :)


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