Food parcels prepared by Life Line Food Bank | Image by Marion Kenyon
Food parcels prepared by Life Line Food Bank | Image by Marion Kenyon

Colmers Community Leisure Centre continues to be used as an emergency rest centre for residents of Rushmore House.

The tower block of flats was evacuated yesterday when a burst water tank flooded the building’s electrical systems leaving 37 households without power.

We understand that all residents are now with family or friends or have been housed in temporary accommodation such as B&Bs or hotels. Vulnerable residents have been identified and given priority.

Birmingham City Council have arranged for 24 hour security to be in place at the building. A spokeswoman said that any residents that may have been away or they have not been able to contact yet will be directed to the Careline who will help accommodate them.

Survey and repair work is ongoing and BCC said that residents that have been placed in temporary accommodation will be contacted and advised how long they will need to remain there.

The spokeswoman reassured residents of adjacent buildings saying: “We will be doing some survey work in the other blocks to ensure we do not get the same problem.”

Council staff, crisis support and voluntary organisations have been organised to continue to provide support for the displaced families over the Easter Bank Holiday and travel tickets have been arranged to allow people to return to their flats to collect belongings and care for pets and so on.

The council spokeswoman said: “The city council would like to thank all residents of Rushmore House for their cooperation and other agencies that have helped with this situation.”

This morning, Cllr Andy Cartwright helped provide those affected with breakfast at Colmers Leisure Centre.

Food parcels have been provided for those in need by the Northfield Life Line Food Bank. Find out details of how to donate on their website.

After being contacted by Cllr Cartwright, Cadbury in Bournville have also donated Easter goodies for those who have
been made temporarily homeless due to this incident.


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