Residents were evacuated from their flats this afternoon (Wednesday 27th March) following a flood and loss of power to a tower block on the Cock Hill estate in Rubery.

Power had to be turned off after a water tank burst, flooding electrics in Rushmore House. Residents were evacuated as engineers assessed the damage.

Birmingham City Council Housing and Resilience teams were on site to ensure residents had somewhere to go to.

Thirty seven households were affected and residents who had nowhere else to go were taken to an Emergency Rest Centre set up at Colmers Community Leisure Centre. These residents have all now been placed in temporary accommodation for tonight.

Longbridge Councillor Andy Cartwright was at the Rest Centre this evening, ensuring families were looked after. He said: “Following the incident today all lead agencies and myself worked together to make sure all households are safe, warm and fed, with a roof over their heads. Times like this see how well the community and support services work together.

“Once the damage has been assessed, which is happening as we speak, we will be able to meet with the residents and make an action plan to move forward.”

Cllr Cartwright said he will continue to support those affected and has organised food parcels for families. He added: “Colmers Leisure Centre is being used as the crisis drop in centre for the next 24 hours. If anyone who has been effected from this issue needs help please call in. Thank you to the [Colmers School] head Mr Doherty, his staff and all the leisure centre staff.”

Colmers School (seniors) will be closed tomorrow as the leisure centre continues to be used as a Rest Centre.

UPDATE Thursday 28th March:

Anyone wishing to help residents of evacuated Cock Hill flats – it seems the council have everything well in hand :)

These people could well be out of their homes for Easter. Cllr Cartwright has organised food parcels for them all. You could consider making a donation to the local food bank which is providing parcels.

You can donate at:

Hollymoor Chapel, Manor Park Grove, Northfield

Visit Northfield Shop, Bristol Road South, Northfield

South Birmingham Young Homeless Project, Belton Grove, Rednal

Hollymoor Medical Centre, Manor Park Grove, Northfield

New Frankley Parish Council, Arden Road

Hair Junkie, Bristol Road South, Longbridge

St Laurence’s Church pastoral centre

Life Line Food Bank

Cllr Cartwright has been in touch with Cadbury and they have donated Easter goodies for the children affected!


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