polpicThe eighth annual Pride of Longbridge rally takes place in Cofton Park in April. The event brings together ex-workers, enthusiasts, and the local community.

Organised by the Rover Community Action Trust (RCAT) and the Austin Longbridge Federation (ALF), the annual event was started in 2006. It is always held on the first Saturday following the date MG Rover closed, with around six and a half thousand people losing their jobs.

Co-organiser Gemma Cartwright said that the idea was to recognise the efforts of the workers at the Longbridge factory over the years and to celebrate the craftsmanship of the cars produced.

The 2011 event saw around 2500 visitors and 850 cars produced at the plant on display, and the 2012 event saw even more visitors, with around 1100 vehicles on show. The event attracts visitors from all over the UK and several from overseas.

This year’s event will also have much more for the local community besides the cars! Including stalls from local crafters, Northfield Arts Forum, performances from Victoria School of Dance and more.

Pride Of Longbridge 2013 is at:
Cofton Park, Longbridge, Birmingham B31 2BQ

Saturday 13th April 2013 10 AM – 4.00 PM
Entry is FREE

If you have a car made at Longbridge or by British Leyland / BMC, you can join the rally for free. There’s no need to book a space, but you could let organisers know you’re intending to go along by contacting John Baker by emailing ausfederation@talktalk.net

If you do not have a car to show, there is ample on-road parking around the park.

More info:

John Baker’s Austin Memories

Pride of Longbridge 2013 Facebook Group



  1. It was good to attend the rally yesterday, however i have to unfortunately heep huge critism of the organisation of event.

    it has now geen running for eight years , unfortunately each year there is the same problem, which is repeatedly not addressed . Especially as the number in attendance increases. Very significant and ruins the event and is going to be detrimental to its sucess.
    yesterday you had nine toilets and one disabled one to cater for well over 3000 enthusiasts and specators. The toilets you provided are designed to be used on buiding sites not for mass usage of this nature .

    You had entrants travelling miles to attend and you fail to provide even adequate facilities. Some had travelled from other countires to attend .

    Many gentleman had to answer the call of nature in the trees surrounding cofton park , how disgusting to vistors to be put in the positon of having to queue for an hour or go in the trees. Is this a good example to show visitors and children . Woman dont even have that option however

    . Also when you did finally get to the toilets which were being used by both men and woman as no separation you had to stand as they were covering in urine. So much for health and hygiene. Forget health and safety.

    There were no extra handwashing facilites.

    You had food vendors there for goodness sake .
    Surely when planning this event this is basic necessity .
    Cofton park hosts many events might i suggest you sort this for next year. Im sure you could do a hell of a lot better.

    It is simply unacceptable/ un necessary and it is only a mater of time before residents surrounding the park will be quite rightly complaining .

    Ten toilets what on earth are you thinking.

    At the very least you should have had two portacabin loos that are used for this type of event.

    You make sure the food and drinks are there, but you couldnt drink anything because you needed to know an hour before you could expect to need the toilet.

    Where is the common sense .

  2. Your comments are fair but considering this is a free to attend event, who do you think funds all those toilets. They can only charge the vendors so much before its not profitable for them to even arrive.

    Regarding visitor parking, it is a rover event, how would you feel turning up to the largest rover meet to park next to a bmw? I think its a really good idea to force none rovers to park on the streets outside and if you want to park on the field with everyone else, simple, buy a rover and turn up in it.


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