skatepark1Last night we met Luke and Dec who are leading a campaign to have a skate park built in the South Birmingham area.

With the support of The Factory Young People’s Centre, the two young people have set up a petition to use as evidence of local support.

Northfield MP Richard Burden has expressed his support to them.

If you would like to show your support, please sign this online petition which will support a paper petition the pair have been circulating locally, including at Bournville College.

You can follow the campaign on twitter @sbrumskatepark

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  1. Oh do you mean where it says “Read the petition”? I have no idea what that is, it’s never come up before, I may need to tinker!

    The petition is very basic as it is just so that the young people can gather an idea of how many are in support of the general idea of a local skate park. They’ll be able to present this to councillors and potential funders / supporters as they move forwards in their campaign :)

  2. We have a skate park at Kings Norton Park, still get lots of crime tho, plus the older kids tend to over run it, they should do two, one for the smaller kids who like to skate

  3. I have no problems with skate board parks, but its no good putting them on the back of peoples houses like they have in rubery , the park has forced people to move out as the noise is all day and all night , you are waiting for the next trick at three oclock in the morning , yes the skate park is a great idea ,but the are alot of gangs meeting up from diffrent areas looking for trouble who push the young ones off , no drinking zone ?? think again ….all day and night at the weekend,great for the young people …but not for the people who live around it

  4. My 3 yr old daughter went to sanders park today and spent hours on the skate park, she absolutely loved it and all there was pleasant… Splendid day out it was


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