Its National Apprenticeship Week, so the focus is on young people to reach their potential in the work place. Hands-on experience when you’re thrown in at the deep end is invaluable.
But what if you or a young person you know is looking in a different direction? Experience in the arts can be hard to come by unless you’re at a performing arts university, and for some people under university age, it might not be something they’ve considered.

Maybe someone you know is looking for a new hobby, a way to meet new friends, or even just something different from playing football in the park.

The Factory in Longbridge are running an open mic night on the 20th of April, for anyone who’s interested in the arts, whether it’s singing, being in a band, stand up comedy, or performing magic.
If you’re thinking of learning more about entertaining a crowd, or would just like a new hobby, it’s an excellent forum to experience what it’s like to perform in front of an audience and showcase your skills.

Have you written a song you want the world to hear? Have you perfected your ‘pick a card’ routine? Or do you have a teenage Son or Daughter that has a way with words and a sense of humour to match?

Then contact The Factory on 0121 464 8850, or pop in for a chat at 6 Devon Way, Longbridge, B31 2TS.
The open mic evening runs from 7pm – 10pm, and tickets for the audience are £3.


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