‘Morris’ by Carol Ann

An update to our posting about Morris, the robin that has moved in to Morrisons supermarket on Great Park, Rubery.

The robin is a protected species so capturing it is no easy task. Morrisons have employed a pest company and have been using a cage and distress signal to try and trap Morris for release but, so far, he’s not falling for it! The company have applied for a special license to use a net to capture him.

Several people, on this page and our Facebook page, had expressed concern about health and safety issues.

Birmingham City Council Environmental Health team visited the store last week and the visiting Environmental Health Officer told us: “Management were able to demonstrate to me that this matter has been taken very seriously. They have been dealing with this for 3 weeks […] this is a protected species even under the provisions of public health requirements.”

In relation to hygiene issues, the officer offered reassurance, saying : “I have asked the store to monitor ‘perching’ points and to ensure that areas are sanitised on a more regular basis.”

If we get any further updates on Morris, we will let you know.

Meanwhile, the Birmingham Mail have picked up on this story and you can read their article here.

'Morris' by Carol Ann
‘Morris’ by Carol Ann



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