I know as a mom of 5  I sometimes feel guilty about splashing out on new cosmetics when just a few items can set me back over £50! Growing up my mom always had a a brush in hand and watching her face transform for a night on the tiles really made us think our mom was the most beautiful mom in the world! I guess I inherited her love of cosmetics and I love trying out all the newest products available.

One thing I have learn’t though is you don’t have to pay top whack when there are so many budget brands for less!

When I first saw the makeup line  MUA (Makeup Academy) for sale in Northfield’s Superdrug store I was a bit wary that anything so cheap could actually work.

I however saw a pretty plum Lipstick and thought I would give it a go, At the worst I had only wasted a pound right?

Well i have to say I’m glad I did as that pound bought me one of my favourite lipsticks in my collection, great pigmentation and long lasting performance, it rivalled many of the more expensive brands on the market.

Verdict? Amazing!

MUA is a great brand and if you don’t believe me just take a look at their Facebook following, over 65000 satisfied customers!


whether you are new to beauty and don’t know where to start or want to update your look Here are a few essentials to ensure you have a great daytime look and all for a total cost of £10.

BB Cream

One of the Must have products of 2012 BB creams are great! combining a moisturizer, primer and foundation they are easy to apply and very cost effective. A fantastic idea  for busy girls.

BB Cream £4



At £1 this blusher comes in several shades and with its highly pigmented formula a little goes a long way! Its a great handbag staple and adds a lovely flush to your cheeks.

MUA Blusher Shade 2 . £1


This Mascara has fantastic reviews and rivals others 8 times the price. whats not to love?

MUA Mascara £1


Available in 34 shades these single pots are fabulous to experiment with and wont break the bank. A great way to freshen up your spring look.


MUA Eye Shadow £1


Eye Liner

If like me you have trouble keeping your liner in place throughout the day, this is fantastic. Just like a felt tip you simply draw on the line and that’s it! I find it especially great for creating cats eye  flicks that stay in place all day long.

MUA Felt Professional Pen Liner £2



A pretty subtle shade that keeps your lips moist and kissable all day long.

MUA Lipstick Shade 11 £1






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