Would you like to be part of the B31 Voices team?

Well, anyone can submit a guest post on any topic they choose and many of our readers, especially from local community organisations, do!

However, at the moment we are looking for bloggers and writers to join our team of volunteers, writing posts for www.b31.org.uk

We get lots of information from community members looking to promote their group, event, community project etc and we honestly just can’t keep up with them! There’s so much more out there that we want to share with you but we need a little help…..!

You will be provided with information, often via third parties, by email. All you need to do is find any additional information you think is relevant and format a post for the site, including a photo. Then submit your post and it will automatically be zapped around the Internet via Twitter and Facebook. We’ll teach you how to post on the WordPress blogging system – it’s as easy as writing an email.

How much:
You can decide how regularly you want to write a post – once or twice a week, once a month or just every now and again. We’ve always got too much to write about and can send something your way whenever you choose!

B31 Voices has grown enormously since we started it almost 3 years ago – and it just keeps growing! We would like it to be more of a community effort. You will gain experience in writing and be volunteering in your local community – that will look good on your CV and, more importantly, it will give you a warm fuzzy feeling! :)

Interested? Get in touch for more information!


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