Following on from last weeks post regarding the new group ‘Friends of Cofton Park’ we are pleased to report that the ‘friends’ have now grown to over 130 members and are receiving advice and support from groups BOSF (Birmingham Open Spaces Forum) and NCEF (Northfield Constituency Environment Forum).

They are still seeking new members of like-minded people interested in the park, so please join them now…. the more people onboard the better! Members can be as active or passive as they wish. A founding member Pat Hughes has said “admission to our group is free and open to all. Please join us we would love to have you.”

The aim of the ‘friends’ is to have their say and closely monitor any future plans afoot for this popular park.

The group is planning to become ‘formalised’ in April with the help of Councillor Cartwright.

Further information can be found on Facebook (search for ‘Friends of Cofton park’ and make a request to join group)

or via email (address below)

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  1. I’m interested in joing the freinds group, trouble is i am not on facebook.
    I am the secretary of a local football team that has used the parks pitches for many years, and any info regarding the park would be interesting to me.

    • That’s great, Lee :) You can get in touch with Pat Hughes on the email address in the post and she will keep you informed on what’s going on and what you can do! :)

  2. Can i just say that i am not involved with this group in any way
    but i do think that we need to protect the park.
    We can not stop anyone from using the park as long as they abide by the rules of the park rangers who work very hard indeed.
    As a councillor i will make sure that who ever holds an event follows the rules and guidence of the rangers.
    The park is visited by many residents and used for dog walking .. family picnics… football…walking.. keep fit … car ralley… and many community events which can only be good for the area.
    I can remember the great bonfire nights my dad told me the stories of red robbo and the concerts in the 80s.
    New families are moving into Longbridge and Northfield and are using the park and are excited about new play areas being put in.
    I am working very hard with other councillors and park rangers to make sure our park is for all young and old a like.
    Cofton park is a great asset to the community and the people who use it .

  3. Myself and my wife walk in Cofton park on a regular basis and I love to watch the young lads playing football, it brings back memories of when I was a young lad many years ago kicking a football around in my local park which was Fox Hollies park Acocks Green


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