On Saturdays throughout March, Northfield Arts Forum will be introducing you to different art forms. Each Saturday will see NAF hit a different ward within the constituency. Week two will see events all day at St Nicholas Place, Kings Norton.

Look out for details of other weekend’s events or check out the NAF web site.

11am-3pm Saturday 9th March, St Nicholas Place, Kings Norton

DWT pic 3Doodling with Thread Local textile artist Emma Ricketts will help you make your own wall art inside a frame to take home.

Play and experiment with weaving, threading and knotting techniques. This workshop is suitable for children of 3 years and above.

There will be chunky beads around and parents are responsible for making sure their child is safe during this session.

TheBigDrawLogoBig Draw – Saint Nics!

Make your mark on this fantastic family friendly activity. Work with folk from Northfield Arts Forum and Bournville College art students to create a picture of Kings Norton from your perspective. It doesn’t matter what you draw; what’s important is that it’s you who’s doing it.


Puppet Making Using scrunched up paper and plenty of making tape create a 3D figure that could be running, walking, jumping or sitting. A simple yet effective use of newspapers which is quick and easy and eco friendly too. fabrics and papers will be available for you to dress you’re people puppet.

Picture The Place Come and talk to us about what images you think sum up Kings Norton and Saint Nicolas’ Place; landmarks, places, people, roadsigns – it’s up to you! Go and take your picture on your own mobile phone or camera, come back and we’ll print it out. You’ll have your own high quality print to keep and we’ll use a selection to build a photographic portrait of the world around us.


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