All four refuse collection depots have sent out crews today in the adverse weather affecting the city.

The challenging conditions mean the recycling crews, in particular, are operating slower than usual – but it is hoped that a full service will have been provided by the end of the day.

If any recycling is not able to be collected, it will be picked up as soon as possible. If anyone does not have a collection, they are asked to leave their refuse/recycling out so crews can clear any backlog which may occur as speedily as possible.

The safety of both the public and the workforce is paramount. The council can only operate HGV vehicles where it is safe to do so.

The people best qualified to assess where a road is safe are the HGV drivers. The following matters have to be taken into before carrying out any collections

  • Is it possible to drive safely up or down the road?
  • The number and proximity of parked vehicles.
  • Is it safe to stop and start frequently, particularly on hills?
  • The impact upon other road users. (Can they stop safely when faced with a slow moving vehicle that stops regularly?)
  • The safety of the loaders. This includes working behind the vehicle in the face of other vehicle movements, and also carrying heavy sacks on slippery pavements.


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