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NINE hyper local blog sites from across south Birmingham have been invited to co-host a live web chat with a local police inspector.
Inspector Simon…

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  1. CAR/COMMERICAL VANS apparently NOW can park in a way that TOTALLY obstructs the paths, and police TURN BLIND EYE. Pedestrians dont matter.

    This, in Bournville.

  2. Totally agree with privalegetobehere. A lot of cars and vans are parking 4 wheels totally on the pavement. It’s unsightly, unsociable and to some members of the public (partially sighted and disabled) downright dangerous. Instead of serving these morons with a ticket, there should be regular patrols with tow-trucks and have the offending vehicle towed away immediately

  3. My issue is a StaHl commercial vehicle on Mulberry Road . I have reported to local police and spoken to Mike Bowen who is reponsible for this area. Mike Bowen says the resident is doing nothing untoward…despite the fact that he frequently parks in a way that covers 100% of pavement.
    Othertimes 75% of pavement.
    MB says he has never seen this. I say it happens regularly.
    Apparently my proximity and knowledge of the situation is irrelevant..and I am told ‘ no one else has complained’. I know this is not true.

  4. Cars are parked half across the pavements around bellfield estate..why is nothing done about it..cant be bothered to enforce the law i suppose.

  5. I participated in the webchat which I think is a good idea. The proof of the pudding however will be in the eating.
    As always.


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