Bell Lane will be CLOSED between Bristol Road South and Sir Herbert Austin Way from 11th February until 22nd March 2013 while gas and water mains are replaced.

This may cause some delays passing through Northfield at peak times.

Bus services affected include the 18, 27, 29, 49, 61, 63 and 98 routes.

Check the National Express WM website for details


  1. NOT again it was closed for 2 months only at the end of would be good for gas or severn trent to expalin whats going on here!! it was chaos last time!!

  2. They suspended the road-works the end of last year (did previously advise they were going to back then) due to them over-running and would have hit the Christmas shopping period. Businesses were already reporting drop in sales and they were worried they would hit their Christmas sales, so it was agreed they would finish off the part they had actually started on, then continue in the new year.

  3. They over-run simply because there are never any workmen working. Previously, and now, the supposedly workmen either stand around talking to each other or take refuge having refreshments. Anything other than getting the job done. I thought utility companies were to be fined if they over-ran.

  4. Could not agree more Derick, that’s the problem with the whole country to much talking and not enough action. I was always told action speaks louder than words.


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