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A six-month consultation on Birmingham City Council’s plans to introduce wheelie bins for refuse collection was launched today.

A full consultation process was promised last year by the council after it won £29.8million from the Government to preserve weekly rubbish collections.

An online survey is available to all and paper copies of the document will soon be available at all libraries and neighbourhood offices.

Further consultation will include discussions with a Citizens Panel, specialists groups (e.g. disabled / elderly), social landlords, housing liaison boards, conservation areas and district committees.

The council state that the feedback received through consultation will shape the wheeled bin service, due to be introduced. They also confirm that there will be exemptions where wheelie bins are not appropriate.

Cllr James McKay, Cabinet Member for a Green, Safe and Smart City, said: “This is another step towards putting our recycling and rubbish collection services on a sound financial footing.

“We have been clear from the outset that we will listen to citizens as we shape the finer points of the scheme – and we have also been clear that this process is not about if we have wheelie bins, it’s about getting the best wheelie bin scheme for Birmingham.

“I urge people to get involved over the coming months because the more information we get, the better chance we have of making the city as clean and green as possible.”

Have your say and complete the online survey available at: www.opinionresearch.co.uk/birminghamwheeliebins


  1. I am in faouvr of wheelie bins. this way it will stop the local cats and foxes from breaking open bags and stealing food. It will also be easier for dog owners to take their dogs for a walk i.e. their dog will no longer pull at the lead to try and get into the rubbigh bags too. I have seen several owners of big dogs espeically (myself including) dragging their dogs away from these bags. It would also be a cleaner method of disposal of one’s household waste in a wheelie bin.

  2. I did the survey this morning, at no point was there the chance to say if we wanted wheelie bins or not.
    They mention the need to increase recycling but surely the bins won’t increase the range of materials to be recycled.
    I am not sure why information on someone’s sexual orientation is needed in a survey about refuse collection either.

    • where it states whether you wish to give any further comments you are given the opportunity to write whatever you like – so you could state whether you are in favour or not of wheelie bins.

  3. I have been wanting wheelie bins for years, I used to live in Devon and we had them there. The only time I ever saw a rat was when a London family moved in and started sticking their rubbish around side of house ..which attracted rats. as soon as they cottoned on to using the bins, we never saw rats again. Since I moved to birmingham I have to use several Black bins etc but because you put black bags out at night, by morning they have been ripped up by foxes, rats and cats etc spreading rubbish everywhere, attracting rats etc to move in. I have had to destroy several nests over the years (which Isnt pleasant as I cant say I enjoy killing animals!)
    Wheelie bins will solve a lot of the problem I believe. I know some people are put off thinking they are a hassle etc but I am sure once they see the benefits they will change their minds.

  4. I am in favor of wheelie bins, i think that people should be given the choice weather to have the small or large wheelie bin. People have to think before black bin bags, we had to put our dustbins out and they never had wheels on.
    So bring out the wheelie bins.

  5. this is a done deal we can tweak the edges but you will have wheelie bins! the council is listening…no it isnt! Where is the recycling increase coming from? People…. i beleive we are being conned by spending £28 million on this whilst council servcies are being cut back.( road sweeping, parks, etc) Next year you will pay for green waste collection! thats going to lead to more waste and fly tipping…not more recycling.
    5 yrs down the road we’ll be paying for each bin to be emptied and litter collections will be 2x a month.

  6. From BCC wesbite read this carefully as its all in the detail!!! e.g 2 bins not 3 (rubbish/glass/garden).This is what you will get if you dont say something!

    1. Recycling – fortnightly collection using a 240 litre wheelie bin with a pod to separate the paper and card from the mixed materials (cans, glass and plastic bottles). The wheelie bin is 107cm high and takes up a ground space of 58cm X 74cm.

    2. Rubbish – weekly collection using a 180 litre wheelie bin (equivalent to 2-3 black bags). The wheelie bin is 107cm high and takes up a ground space of 48cm X 74cm.

    By way of comparison, a typical recycling box is around 50 litres capacity and a rubbish collection sack holds a maximum of 80 litres.

    Green garden waste collections will continue as a sack collection service in 2013. This and other changes to waste management services are being consulted on separately and further information will be published in due course.

    The Council recognises that not all properties are suitable for wheelie bin collections and that some larger and smaller households will have different requirements. In these circumstances, the Council would make alternative arrangements. Larger rubbish bins (240 litres) will be available for larger households and there is a smaller version of the recycling bin (140 litres) for smaller households who won’t need the standard 240 litre recycling bin.

    The Council also recognises that some residents would find it difficult to move a wheelie bin and we would propose to make alternative arrangements either through the provision of an ‘assisted’ service or by providing a different type of collection service that meets the households’ needs.

    As part of the roll-out phase, pilot projects will take place from May 2013 in the Brandwood and Harborne wards. All properties in these two wards will be individually assessed to determine their suitability for a wheelie bin collection service. Residents will be notified of this assessment and we will invite residents to tell us of any particular issues that would make this service impractical for their particular household, or to let us know that they have a larger household or perhaps would prefer to have the smaller recycling bin.

    Council staff will also be available in the neighbourhood, and by phone to discuss any particular problems or issues that might arise so that we can make sure that the new services work for everybody.

  7. We had these bins where i lived some years ago. Useless.
    The binmen can’t empty half of them because they cant get past parked cars. They dont empty any where the lid is slightly open. They get left in the streets and stolen. Footpaths are blocked with them. They now charge £45pa to collect green waste.
    The only reason the black bags dont work is because people leave them out to early or just dump them in the streets. The binmen should start after 8.30 so people dont have to put bags out early.
    Never mind worrying about black bags getting ripped…has anyone looked around the shop area at the top of Trescott Rd, Hoggs Lane/ Merritts Brook or Vineyard Road lately…that nothing to do with the collection of normal refuse, its down to lazy and dirty people littering or leaving bags by the public bins.

  8. hmmm intersting its green bag day today…not a sign of the binmen. So they’ll sit outside in the wind all day and night. QED green waste will cause a mess.therefore the green waste causes litter…NO its the failure of bcc to collect thats at the root of the problem…. this doesnt bode well people.for the new system if they cannot manage the old system properly.

  9. Any local Labour councillors about who can guarantee that we will not be sold down the river with the council privatising the bins…..?
    I’m sure its just a rumour but then i wouldn’t put anything past them.


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