UPDATE 9.45am – Larch Drive on Hollymoor and Broadfield Road on Egghill still not cleared. Cllr Ian Cruise and MP Richard Burden are aware and dealing with.

Some residents of Longbridge ward had been stunned on Sunday that they had not had their black bags collected still, despite Friday’s council statement assuring that all would be by the end of the weekend.

Parts of the Hollymoor Estate had not had a black bag collection since 11th January, despite other areas of the same small estate having had one, or in some cases two, collections since the snow. Streets affected include Sedgbourne Way, Elm Drive, Ash Drive & Larch Drive. Hundreds of bags of refuse lined the streets.

Some Frankley residents were also affected.

As bags were cleared this morning, a Birmingham City Council spokesman issued an apology: “A support crew dealing with the backlog of uncollected refuse was sent out to this area on Saturday, but unfortunately the team was not familiar with the collection round so the streets were missed out. They are being visited for a collection this morning and we apologise for the inconvenience caused.”

Recycling collections are still being caught up with, as priority has been given to bag collection. Advice is to leave at the edge of your property so it is visible but not obstructive. It should all be cleared by your next collection day.

The council’s Environmental Health department tweeted an offer of their help this morning: “@GRCarruthers and neighbours book a free rat treatment here http://www.birmingham.gov.uk/pestcontrol”

If your black bags are still not collected today let us know.


  1. privileg…lol. nice one!
    i live off shenley lane and in northfield in the last 6 weeks we have seen the black bag men 3x instead of 6, and the recycle 2x instaed of 4. A combination of xmas and snow…however the milkman gets through and the positie makes it. Its poor planning not the bin mens fault. Yet the service i pay rates for doesnt give me the service i pay for.I have had to go to lifford with rubbish..at additional cost, my time and environmental pollution. What will happen when we have wheelie bins?
    Come on BCC pull your finger out!

  2. I just give up with the recycling..its only been done once since christmas. Im afraid it just goes in the bags from now on to save the mess.
    Why is there nothing done about the black bags of household rubbish next to the litter bin in vineyard road…why dont the culprits get fined or should everyone just do the same and dump it there. Would be better if they took the bin away.

  3. Yet another missed glass/plastic recycling collection today – no collection now for four weeks (again…) and counting.

    This excessive delay is not a weather related problem, it’s an organisation problem. There is clearly not enough spare capacity in the system to deal with backlogs, and I would be astonished to discover that there was any more logic than “who’s shouting loudest” to the council’s prioritisation of who’s rubbish is shifted soonest.

    BCC need to come up with a recovery plan – publish the plan, and publicise it so we know when we can expect our rubbish to be dealt with – set realistic expectations and be honest with people, even if sometimes the honest answer isn’t what we want to hear.

  4. Its the cardboard missed again in our road marc..so as we enter the fifth week without a collection the cardboard and paper continue to blow around the streets. I think the time has come to put the work out to a private company as BCC have failed in their duty.


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