Photo: Officers enter an address in Kings Norton | image from West Midlands Police

Five men were arrested as West Midlands Police forced entry into addresses in Kings Norton ward on Friday 15th February, enforcing 10 drug warrants.

Seventy officers, supported by dogs and the force helicopter, entered addresses in the area searching for Class A drugs.

Five men aged between 18 and 40, were arrested at addresses in Kings Norton including properties in Ithon Grove, Halladale, Redbrook Covert, Pershore Road, Fairfax Road, Ludstone Road, Green Acres Road and Redditch Road. The men remain in custody today and will be interviewed by detectives later.

Police recovered what is believed to be both Class B and Class A drugs (including around 80 pills), and drugs paraphernalia such as dealer bags and scales. A firearm was also recovered.

The operation took place after months of observations by community members and police identified Friday evening drug hotspots and officers hope it sends a clear message to those involved in illegal drug dealing.

Chief Inspector Simon Wallis, said: “Our action sends out a message that drug dealing won’t be tolerated in our communities…no-one involved in drug supply can sleep easy because they should understand we could come knocking at any time.”

Northfield Inspector Vanessa Eyles emphasised the importance of vigilance in the community in highlighting these hotspots, saying: “This action was prompted directly by information received from local people.

“We get lots of calls reporting suspicious activity we can’t always act immediately because of the complexity of the gangs involved, but operations like this demonstrate how valuable community intelligence is and that we will act to tackle local concerns.”

Inspector Eyles added: “Every call is vital as we work to make south Birmingham an even safer place and I would urge anyone with any suspicions of drug activity in their area to give us a call − because every piece of information makes a difference.”

If you have information on drug dealing in your community, contact police on 101 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

We will have updates on this ongoing operation as they become available.


  1. The police would nt have to waste time and valuable resources raiding and tearing down cannabis “factories” if we allowed the legal and regulated sale of it. Currently we are just gifting a large profit to organised crime and allowing one of the biggest consumer markets to go untaxed. Not only are we missing out – we are paying to miss out.
    Many people who get caught growing cannabis are doing so for personal reasons yet they are still treated as though they were a gang member and become a “criminal”. There is no justice here.
    The police are not even putting a dent in the number of cannabis gardens even if they are taking down 4 a day – 8+ are probably being set up. There has always been a demand and there will always be one. Criminalising those who use or grow it is stupid as it only attracts actual criminals to the market.
    Cannabis has given me back my life after Crohns Disease repeatedly hospitalised me. Pharmaceutical drugs are far more dangerous and less effective yet no one is demanding the Pharmaceutical companies and the chemists and the Drs get raided…


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